Friday, September 23, 2011


SF: If you've seen the trailer then you've seen everything of interest in this film. All the main characters do is stare at each other. There is no substance, chemistry or emotion. The violence is so over the top it's just pure grotesque. Painful to watch. Left me feeling weird. 3/10

50 Eggs: Kept promising to get good but never did. An interesting main character but the worst 'romance' I have ever seen in my life. Thanks to Carey Mulligan for that. 3/10

DonkeyB: n/a

Overall - 3/10


Sylwia said...

I think 50 Eggs is very wrong! Amazing movie and Ryan Gosling was definitely a strong point of this movie (obviously!) - so definately 10/10!!!

50 Eggs said...

Sylwia, you can't judge a film on how attractive you think the cast is. Unless its a porn film.

Sylwia said...

Is Prianha 3 a porn then? :P

50 Eggs said...

No it's not! Here's the review: