Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Olympus Has Fallen

SF: Once this gets going there are non-stop explosions, shooting and madness. It is truly ludicrous. Which is why I found it so funny. Antoine Fuqua, is a baffling director, sometime he does great films and then other time you get films like this. The only way it could have been improved was if Gerrad Butler occasionally winked at the camera. How they got Angela Bassett to be in this, I've no idea. It has more plot flaws than I have time to moan about but it wasn't horrific. Just not so bad it was good. I think this was trying to be Die Hard meets Air Force One but fails to be anywhere near as good as either. 4/10

50Eggs: Super low expectations saved the day here as I actually really enjoyed this. The taking of the White House is staged very well and comes within a whisker of being believable, especially as it doesn't shy away from being brutal. That brutality is a running theme that you wouldn't normally see in a popcorn flick so big tick for that. I also really liked the story when it was heading in a 'North Korea are not as crazy as you think' direction...although without spoiling it that feeling faded before the end. 7.5/10

DB: So bad it's bad. Preposterous from start to finish. A terrorist plot based on everyone who works at the top of American government to be not just stupid, but lilly-livered surrender monkeys. If someone captures the President and holds him hostage for information to destroy the country, anyone of sound mind would respond to threats to the Whitehouse building and the person of the President with; "fuck it, they're called symbols for a reason. If we have to we'll kill them ourselves to protect everyone else." Anyone who thinks any different is deluding themselves. 2/10

Overall: 3/10

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