Wednesday, October 15, 2014


SF: I never thought there would be a film about a Gay and Lesbian support group for Miners on strike and therefore was more baffled than anything else when this can along. I'm happy to say this was a delight to watch. Both entertaining and factually interesting. I left the cinema with that cliched phrase "Who knew" but genuinely happy that I'd seen the film and did have a look at the Wikipedia page on the way home. The acting is so good it appears effortless, the characters endearing and the entire story heartwarming. Well work a watch. 8/10

50Eggs: N/A

DonkeyB: Its practically perfect. I cried at least three times and laughed many many more. As my Facebook friends know, my kitchen scales made a cameo appearance, I can confirm they are older than me and therefore definitely period, props to the props dept. Paddy Considine needs some award recognition, and Bill Nighy gives a speech about the seam of coal running from Spain to Pennsylvania via south Wales which is word for word perfect to one it felt like i heard hundreds of times when I lived in Wales. 10/10

Overall: 9/10

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