Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Your Highness

SF: I was at a loss with this one- think Krull meets Pineapple Express. I still don't know if I liked it as every now and again it just went too far, so a neutral score. 5/10

50 Eggs: A weird mix of puerile comedy and sometimes quite good Fantasy. It made me laugh on occasion and would probably be a really good film to watch after a few drinks. 6/10

DonkeyB: n/a

Overall - 5.5/10

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50 Eggs said...

I watched this on DVD last night and I stand by my original comment that the comedy/fantasy mix is odd. I don't think the film makers walked the line very well. It's still funny though. Favourite line: 'I don't want to do swords with you, I want to do swords by myself!'.