Wednesday, November 16, 2011


SF: I found Immortals underwhelming. Even though I'm suspending belief (and knowledge of Greek myths) I found the gaping plot holes hard to reconcile, the action good but not gripping and the characters flat at best. Wasn't all bad so an average 5/10

50 Eggs: Oh my God, how do scriptwriters get paid for coming up with plots that make no sense? Its very frustrating because I love the concept, love the depiction of the Greek Gods, and although the fight scenes didn't live up to its spiritual prequel 300, they are still balletic. But because its stupid I can only give it 6/10.

DonkeyB: Just to mess this up for 50 eggs I'm going to get my review in first. A man whistled carols on the tube from Baker Street to Piccadilly Circus. Seriously though, there was a lot to hate and not a lot to like. Where did they get all the petals from? Not one living plant on the whole world. Also I've been down a salt mine it don't look like that. 3/10

Overall - 4.67/10

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