Wednesday, August 15, 2012


SF: I saw this in 2D and I can't see what on earth 3D would have added. Animation wise this was perfect. Parts of the scenery looked photographic. The story wasn't what I expected and had a lot of lovely parts, on the whole it delivers what Pixar fans would like. I thought the mother daughter relationship was handled rather well but at times the plot did feel a little strained. The triplets are a fantastic device, they made this film, I'm not even sure if they ever speak! Very entertaining and well worth a viewing on the big screen. 8/10

The little short screened before the movie (La Luna)  deserves 10/10

50 Eggs: Pixar's fall from grace is complete with this merely very decent film. Brave is never less than entertaining and has plenty of funny moments and exciting set pieces, but the story and characters are nothing to write home about. It'll do though. N.B some scenes were too dark with the addition of 3D glasses. Why is this technology being inflicted on us before it's ready? 3D is the future, I get it, but if I have to pay extra for it now, I want it to work now (grrr). 7/10

DonkeyB: SF is correct, as so often with Pixar the short before the film was as good/better than the feature. Brave itself is a bit strange in that it feels like two different films really. The animation/ design is stunning, in that its Pixar so the bar is already high and I was still surprised by how great it looked... and yet all the male characters seemed to be from asterix while the women characters were from Disney; which added to the two films feeling. I'm not sure there is much there in terms of story and the script is nothing like as witty as the best animations. 6.5/10

Overall Brave: 7.17/10
Overall La Luna: 10/10


ShadowFalcon said...

50Eggs - We saw it in regular 2D so it all looked amazing without the headache. SF

50 Eggs said...

SF - 2D is the future.