Thursday, December 13, 2012

Project Jen- Update 12/12/12

This could be a momentus weekend coming up for Project Jen.

Love Film have delivered two; one, two, Jennifer Aniston movies to my door: Along Came Polly (on Blue-Ray- yet another tedious software update to sit through on my Sony Blue-Ray player before I can watch a film- welcome to progress everyone) and Office Space.

Finally a Jennifer Aniston film I am looking forward to seeing again, and Office Space- ok that was an old joke. That is not why this could be a momentus weekend though people, it could be a momentus weekend because in addition to these two films, I also have Love Happens and Leprechaun to see as well. That's right, it could be a four film weekend for Project Jen.

I happen to remember that Love Happens has Pacey's (from Dawson's Creek) older sister in it as a photographer who shoots Nikons. Get exited. And ready for camera trivia in a film review. Martin Sheen is in it too, and a parrot, I'm already readying the two degrees of separation news for Along Came Polly.

Its going to be massive!

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