Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wreck it Ralph

SF: I really enjoyed this movie. It is another in a long line of fun animation that pleases both adults and children. There were many in jokes that were great and the Oreo bit was so funny! It felt almost Pixar good and that is a mighty compliment from me. Go and see if you want light hearted fun. 7/10

50 Eggs: I have been waiting for this film ever since 'Reboot' first aired on CITV back in the day. Video game culture is a largely untapped source in movies, and Wreck it Ralph had a real chance to get in there first and become a cult classic. It's partially successful. There are lots of in-jokes, winks and nods, all laid over a fairly strong plot. But for me it didnt go far enough, and half way through it seemed to become confused as to its target it the 30 somethings who grew up with these games, or the 8 year olds who are tagging along with them? For me this fell between the two stools and is poorer for it. Still pretty darn good though. 7.5/10

DonkeyB: I have trouble believing that anyone younger than 30 is going to get as much enjoyment from this film as we did, it relies quite heavily on an appreciation of 80s computer games for laughs. I also have vivid memories of being a 9 year old in class 7 at primary school, and writing a story in creative writing about a kid who gets sucked into a computer game and being amazed that another kid had written a story about exactly the same thing completely independently. As a story it just isn't very original. As ever these days the short before the main feature outshone the main attraction. 6/10

Overall: 7/10

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50 Eggs said...

This would have got best animated film of the year from me, if it had been out in time. Better than Brave.