Friday, December 23, 2011

Press Release: Announcing the Three Reviews Awards

In order to be eligible films have to have been seen by at least one of the three reviewers, in a cinema between January 1st 2011 and 31st December 2011. Planes, trains, automobiles, oil rigs and boats do not count, even if it was in a cinema on a boat.

Voting will be conducted in private by the Three Reviewers, we aim to make the process as mystical seeming as possible.

The Three Reviewers will be both the nominating and judging committee and reserve the right to make strange, odd and downright bizarre decisions based on personal prejudice, malice towards any other party and in fits of pique.

Nominations will be announced when we get around to it, and the winners will be announced before the Oscars so as to guarentee us maximum publicity.

Note for editors:
The Three Reviewers are three anonymous (sort of) film critics based in multiple UK locations, who go to the cinema.

The Three Reviewers have been reviewing films (in their heads) for a combined approximately 75 years.

Please find above a picture of an award which none of the films will be getting because we are too cheap even for that.

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