Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beasts of the Southern Wild

SF: Firstly, before I say any more I must say Quvenzhane Wallis (the little girl Hush Puppy) is very good indeed and I'll be looking out for her in the future. With the film however I am struggling to think of good things or anything I enjoyed. The target audience was probably meant to cry or feel uplifted but the entire movie felt contrived. As if someone was desperately trying to be art house or charming but missing the mark entirely. Half the film was out of focus! How this won the Caméra d'Or astonishes me. ***Spoiler*** When the giant pigs arrived I almost walked out. If I'd wanted to watch 10,000 BC I know where to find it. Any chance this had of being credible died in that scene. I doubt anyone except movie critics or those bizarre people who enjoyed Tree of Life and Melancolía will like this 2/10

50 Eggs: n/a

DonkeyB: The problem is the film doesn't work. It is clearly set in a post Katrina New Orleans (even if it actually isn't that is what you are supposed to be thinking about)- the film appears to be trying to say that there was too much government interventuion and these people would have been better off left alone to deal with their imaginary figurative beasts (which is turns out are real?). Is that really the message? I just found it very alienating, I didn't feel connected to any of the characters. It isn't anything like as good or as bad as Tree of Life. 3/10

Overall: 2.5/10

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