Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Perks of being a Wallflower

SF: I'm rather fond of the 80s so the soundtrack for this film was right up my street. Having expected to be bored, Imagine my surprise to find this winning me over. The character development though a little cliche at points does well not to be overly sugary. I found that the actors were all able to draw me in and maintain my interest. The elements of intrigue in all the flashback and unseen past worked rather well and gave this film a distinction from the hundreds of other coming of age/outsider type dramas. 7/10

50 Eggs: This film has images of Emma Watson in suspenders, so regardless of the story it's already a winner in my book. But it's a bonus that the story is rather good. Like a more serious (and sad) version of 'The Breakfast Club', Perks of a Wallflower is really just about growing up and finding your place in the world. I rather liked it. 8/10

DonkeyB: I don't think I can discuss my reservations about this film without giving away spoilers, so it might be an overly positive review compared to the mark at the end. Forgive me. The 'stars' of the film are great. Ezra 'Kevin' whatever really does need talking about, it is a film stealing performance. I think it falls just the right side of sentimentality, after all we all remember being 16/17/18 and every date, argument or kiss does feel like it is the most important thing which will ever happen. The film gets that emotion right I think while letting the audience (in their wisdom) laugh at the characters a little as well as sympathize. 7.62

I got away with a slightly odd decimal last time lets see how far I can push.

Overall: 7.55/10

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