Thursday, July 31, 2014


SF: A wonderfully moving filming. I've seen a huge amount of cinema and a lot have attempted to capture the same sense of realism and emotion that this does, but none are half as well conceived. It is an entirely character driven film and in reality very little happens while at the same time everything is changing. The acting is superb and direction flawless. To start with I was waiting for the pace to pick up or something shocking to happen but it never gives way to any cliche and I found myself being totally drawn in. I can't see there being another film like it - after all this only took about 10 years to film. While I'd be unlikely to buy this or watch again it is well worth  viewing 9/10

50Eggs: When so much time and effort has gone into a film such as this, it seems to me that a film fan has an obligation to see it. The story here is solid but really plays second fiddle to the passage of time, which is captured perfectly not only with the genuine ageing of its cast but also through it's little nods towards the changing technology, culture and politics. I hope they carry this on and release it every ten years with a new chapter. 8/10

DonkeyB: Linklater's masterpiece. Filmed over a few weeks every summer for 12 years with the same cast it manages to capture growing up in a way no other film I've ever seen does. Its definitely the best film we've seen this year. Everyone should see it, and unlike SF the first thing I wanted to do when I to out of the cinema was get another ticket and watch it again. 9.5/10

Overall: 9.25/10

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